Microsoft Office 2013: What Are The New Features?

December 25, 2020 0 By Chris Fenn

Why Microsoft Office 2013 is Special?

Microsoft Office 2013 is so extraordinary on the grounds that the Microsoft group is adequately smart to figure the keys of accomplishment for Apple and Google and follow them, yes its actual. Apple and Google give the office of distributed storage. Microsoft got it and executed it in Microsoft office 2013.

Presently you can save your assertion reports, Powerpoint introductions and dominate bookkeeping pages on the web and you can undoubtedly get to them from anyplace on the planet. Isn’t so amazing? Go to for more help.

MS Word 2013 New Features

MS word is the most utilized programming among different virtual products in the workplace bundle. Individuals are cherishing the word since it was delivered. Practically all archives you see are shaped and altered utilizing this word processor. The thing which makes Microsoft Word 2013 so unique are as per the following:

The Full screen mode:

Is it true that you are upset by the errand bar and warnings while perusing the report? Try not to stress they wont be obvious now while utilizing the new form.

Cloud Services:

Save your archives and access them from School, Office or anyplace. No compelling reason to convey an additional equipment like USB or CD to move your archives.

Alter Pdf Files:

You would now be able to alter your pdf documents utilizing Office 2013. No compelling reason to purchase an additional product like pdf editors

Video Feature:

I wager you will have a hard time believing this can occur, Now you can implant recordings in your promise archives. Truly make your reports more educational and alluring and more respectable by installing recordings.


The UI of Office 2013 is nearly equivalent to the past variant to make it simpler for clients to utilize.

Understand mode:

The read mode is currently accessible. In the event that simply need to peruse any record utilize the read mode. It is quicker and it doesn’t show all the highlights simply the understanding choices.

Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features

The best bookkeeping page programming. It is use in practically all schools and ventures where we require a spread sheet to handle information. We can make charts to speak to our information. In dominate recipes are utilized to make our work simpler and quicker. Lets see what’s going on in Excel 2013.

Snappy Analysis Lens:

This component upgrade the vibe of the charts and make it more appealing and great to peruse.

Auto Completion:

Like Google search bar, Excel 2013 has the element of auto-consummation. It surmise the word you are composing and gives you alternative to auto complete it. Bringing about less composing. Surely an efficient element.

Online highlights:

Dominate 2013 accompanies a mail consolidate office making it simpler to mail the bookkeeping pages. You can save and present your spread sheets utilizing Sky drive,

Upgraded Features:

Dominate 2013 thinks of Graph and table’s upgraded highlights. More development apparatuses and diagrams for information portrayal.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 New Features

I have been utilizing PowerPoint since I was a child. Making introductions are truly simple utilizing this product. There are next to no progressions to PowerPoint 2013, Lets see what are these changes.

Slide show Transitions:

More changes are added to make the introductions more adequate.

Understand Mode:

Utilize read mode to introduce your introductions to stay away from the danger of altering unintentionally.

Different Features:

Save, send and recover your introductions with cloud administrations, adding pictures and recordings is made simpler and faster. Widescreen highlight is added to make the introductions more appealing and improved.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 New Features

Microsoft Outlook is perhaps the most broadly utilized email customer today. In spite of the fact that there are grumbles about the difficult to comprehend interface of the product. Microsoft fixed that as well. The new highlights of standpoint incorporates.

The New Interface:

The new interface of Microsoft viewpoint is perfect and straightforward and design. Without a doubt an extremely easy to use interface.


Microsoft took the schedule genuine this time and the schedule usefulness is improved.


The Synchronization is made simple. You can synchronize the customer with Hotmail, Gmail, Google App account and so forth

So these were the new highlights offered in the new form of Microsoft office 2013. Expectation you loved them.