Three Ways to Monetize Drifters on Your Online Business Website

Let me start out by defining exactly what a drifter on your online business is. In the world of online traffic a drifter หวยออนไลน์ is someone who just visits your site, they browse around, and then they go away. It is likely that you will never see them again. It is probable that a drifter will never make an impact on your bottom line. They are window¬-shoppers who are just killing time when they drift in and out of your website. Not only are they not an asset to your business, but they can be considered as a business liability. If you track the number of visitors to your site, the drifters are filtered in with the true targeted traffic. This leaves you with a sense of false satisfaction that you are growing a fairly large online business.

In my way of thinking, you should take advantage of every opportunity to make money online. This includes monetizing the drifters who float into your site. After all, as an online business owner your primary goal is to make a profit. With that as your goal, you must take advantage of the warm bodies on your site and find a way to monetize the drifters.

I have not thought of all the ways to monetize drifters, but here are three that I believe are worth implementing. If you could get one or two drifters to take out their credit card every week, then it would be worth your effort to implement these techniques.

Generate Leads
Before the drifter leaves your site, entice them with something free. Offer to exchange their contact information for a free eBook, a newsletter subscription loaded with never before published, dynamic content, or a free training video. Drifters may not like to buy, but they love the word “free”. When all they have to do is leave their email address to get your free offer, there is a good chance that they will sign-up. Once their contact information has found its way to your auto-responder, the ball is in your court to connect with them and provide them with amazing content and too-good-to-pass-up offers.

Affiliate Marketing
If you are an affiliate for a diverse range of websites, you have the ability to post ads for these companies on your site. Some of these sites will pay you every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads, regardless of whether or not they purchase anything. When they do buy the deal is even sweeter because you make a commission on the products that they buy.

Opt-In Lists
You can include a few opt-in lists on your website for other businesses that you are affiliated with. In return for opting in on these lists, you can offer the consumer something of value, such as a content rich newsletter. Affiliates will pay you money for the number of opt-in subscribers that you send their way. Here is the best scenario when using this option. Have the affiliate return the favor and offer an opt-in list for you on their site. If they agree, then it is likely that you will get a few people from their list that will be interested in what you are doing and purchase from your online business website.

These are just a few ways to monetize drifters to your site. If you keep at it and don’t give up, before long you will find the right formula to convert the drifters into devoted and eager consumers for your online business.

If you are looking for new ways to attract and monetize visitors to your web site, check out my resource box. I have worked for years with creative online marketing. I am here to help you improve your bottom-line.

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